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Our experienced team aim to guide our clients through the ever-changing, complex area of UK Immigration Law. We provide individualised legal advice on wide-ranging immigration matters from Entry Clearance to the UK, to Nationality, Human Rights,
and Asylum matters.

Areas of practice

European Applications

  • EU Settlement Scheme

  • EEA Family Member

  • EEA Extended Family Member

  • EEA Qualified Person

  • EEA Retained Rights

Applications for leave to Remain

  • Leave to Remain – Marriage

  • Leave to Remain – Family/Partner

  • Leave to Remain – Discretionary (As a person refused asylum)

  • Leave to Remain – Stateless

  • Leave to Remain – 10 years lawful residence

  • Leave to Remain – Other Routes within the Immigration Rules

  • Leave to Remain - Other

Applications for Settlement (Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK)

  • Settlement on the basis of marriage

  • Settlement after grant of refugee status/ humanitarian protection

  • Settlement after limited leave granted outside the rules

  • Settlement after 10 years lawful residence

Application for British Nationality

  • Naturalisation

  • Registration as a British Citizen

Application for a Travel Document

  • Refugee Travel Document

  • Certificate of Travel

Application for Entry Clearance

  • Entry as the Spouse of a British citizen/ person with Indefinite Leave to Remain

  • Entry as a visitor (Standard Visitor Visa – Leisure/Business/Other)

  • Work Visas

  • Family Visit Visas

Human Rights

  • Leave to Remain - on Human Rights Grounds


  • Asylum claims

  • Further submissions for asylum claims


  • Secretary of State Bail

  • Court Bail

Deportation Cases

  • Revocation

  • Prison visit

  • Additional reps


Your case/matter processing times will depend on the current volume of cases we are handling and the complexity of your case.


If there are specific deadlines applicable in your case, we will, of course, endeavour to ensure your matter is dealt with within the timeframe specific to your case. If we are not able to do so, you will be notified of this.


We, however, aim to prepare and submit all applications within two weeks of instruction.



The Home Office’s current processing times are issued online and can be found at:

In-country Processing Times: Visa processing times for applications inside the UK - GOV.UK
Outside the UK Processing Times: Visa processing times for applications outside the UK - GOV.UK
Unfortunately, these are not definitive timescales, and we can only estimate how long the Home Office may take to process your matter.



All appeals would need to be prepared and submitted within 14 days of being served your decision.

The remaining timescales for your appeal will be dependent on the Home Office/HMCTS-issued directions.


Judicial Review

A Judicial Review application would need to be made within three months of receiving your decision.

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